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Kaylu WirelessFreedomKaylu Wireless has been officially launched.

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A better tomorrow

Kaylu IT Solutions believes in providing top quality equipment and resources to the small to medium enterprise at the most affordable prices possible. Everyone knows that in order to survive in business today, one must be completely up to date technologically, but no small to medium business can afford the prices that the top corporate entities are paying for their systems, let alone afford the man power to maintain these complex systems. At Kaylu IT Solutions, providing these systems to the small to medium business is a priority, as you have been neglected for far too long

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Product Updates

Software Development - Many 'off-the-shelf' business systems do not accomodate the specific requirements of each individual businesses processes. Developing your own unique system does not have to be a budget breaking excercise.

Internet Safety - Useful websites and information for keeping children safe while they use the Internet

Security Services - CCTV, Data Recovery, Forensic Analysis

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